Monday, February 16, 2004

Evil Genius

Obviously I have greatly underestimated my foes. I would never have guessed the truth - that Troy and pals are geniuses at psychological warfare.

When I logged on today I discovered that someone had ingeniously subscribed the bendingtruth hotmail address to the mailing list for Newsmax - for anyone who doesn't know this is an extremely conservative leaning news service.

What devilish cunning! Because in just a few short minutes of glancing over recent Newsmax headlines like "ABC News Admits Liberal Bias, Hates Bush", "More On Kerry-Fonda Connection" and "Get Sean Hannity's New Book" I suddenly realised that Riverbend and BendingTruth were wrong, Troy was right and I had been a fool not to realise it.

Already I have taken my new instructions to heart, and within the last few minutes I have quite literally taken steps to "Get Sean Hannity's New Book". Now I have surely seen the light!

OK seriously guys - I thought after the fake legal threats it couldn't get any worse. But once again you have shown me the folly in attempting to over-estimate you. Once again I must remind you that you are in the region of 70 and not 7 years old. Why not act it?


And while we're on the subject of fake legal threats here's something another reader sent me suggesting that I might be able to get TeamTroyAndWill into a lot of trouble were I to contact the construction company whose employees they have been impersonating:

Several posters in [a newsgroup were] threatened with legal action by someone pretending to be a lawyer some time ago. The idiot was obviously no lawyer (he couldn't spell and didn't know anything about the law). The idiot also gave the company's name where he said he worked.

We contacted the law firm and they were very interested in receiving copies of the posts where he misrepresented himself. They said they would consider suing for false representation, illegal use of the company's trademark ... and defamation of the firm's reputation.

I don't know what came of it, but the idiot disappeared for a while and when he came back he stopped pretending to be a lawyer.

Now thus far I haven't made direct contact with TeamTroy construction to let them know of this misuse of their companies name. And it's certainly going to take something a little more extreme from the boys than signing me up to conservative mailing lists to get me to do so, but just so you know Troy and company, it's always an option...

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Brief Update on Fake Threats

Just as a brief follow up to the last piece in which I suggested that Troy, William or another of the team had posted comments here misrepresenting themselves as staff of the company TeamTroy, and suggesting I was "slandering" them.

As I strongly suspected no individual from the company has responded to mails I sent to the addresses these individuals provided.

Now I am no expert on US defamation law (though I did study the UK equivalent roughly a decade ago), but wouldn't it be rather ironic if:

a) I were to contact TeamTroyConstruction and tell them that...
b) a couple of very silly old men had posed as representatives of their company and issued threats in their name; and
c) TeamTroyConstruction were to sue TeamTroyAndWill for defaming their good name by suggesting they would act in the invidious manner as described in my previous entry.

Just a thought...