Thursday, February 05, 2004

Brief Update on Fake Threats

Just as a brief follow up to the last piece in which I suggested that Troy, William or another of the team had posted comments here misrepresenting themselves as staff of the company TeamTroy, and suggesting I was "slandering" them.

As I strongly suspected no individual from the company has responded to mails I sent to the addresses these individuals provided.

Now I am no expert on US defamation law (though I did study the UK equivalent roughly a decade ago), but wouldn't it be rather ironic if:

a) I were to contact TeamTroyConstruction and tell them that...
b) a couple of very silly old men had posed as representatives of their company and issued threats in their name; and
c) TeamTroyConstruction were to sue TeamTroyAndWill for defaming their good name by suggesting they would act in the invidious manner as described in my previous entry.

Just a thought...