Monday, July 19, 2004

It's been a long time since I updated this blog.  As it probably will be again but I was correcting a typo pointed out to me by a reader so I thought I might as well publish this email I received recently from William Boyd - one of the people I previously named as prime movers behind the riverSbend smearblog.  This is probably about as close to a mea culpa from TeamTroy as we're ever going to get:
William Boyd writes:
Now I understand that the Iraqi Girl is said she will bend the truth as was her latest post about the power being off so much. Does she not know that there are web cams all around and open to the world and one can see the lights burning most all of the time. She is part of the terrorist organization with a mission to prevent a free Iraq. They must like the Americans to stay around, for if they did not they would help settle theturmoil in their country so the Americans can leave. Feel sorry for herkind.
Perhaps William's argument here - that people who perpetrate violence in Iraq are doing so as a sign of love for the American occupation - is one we'll be hearing from the more mainstream Bush supporters as the election looms closer?