Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Any Similarity To Persons Living Or Dead...

This is kind of funny. As regular readers will know to save time on trying to identify individual members of Troy's cohorts - his pals from soc.retirement who helped him with the riverSbend smearblog - I have named them collectively as TeamTroy for some time. So when one of them writes a silly comment on this blog I can just write "TeamTroy" wrote as opposed to needlessly guessing whether it was Troy himself, William or another team member.

Факс +7 (095) 956-24-16
Мурат Арзуман
Менеджер по Развитию Бизнеса Группы Трой

Компания "Европром Трейд", входящая в группу "Трой", была создана с целью предоставления на российс

This recent comment (written in a foreign language way beyond my ken) led me to a site called www.teamtroy.com www.teamtroy.com. For a second as the site loaded I thought maybe I'd been right in an earlier prediction, and that this would be Troy and buddies new anti-Riverbend project. As you can imagine I was practically salivating in anticipation. Good comedy these days can be so hard to find.

Then I saw what looked like a Canadian maple leaf symbol on screen, and a fairly flashy into. Not looking promising... Soon enough my hopes were dashed and I discovered that TeamTroy seemed to be some kind of construction company.

Funny coincidence that. From now on to alleviate any confusion though I suppose I ought to start referring to Troy and buddies as TeamTroyAndWill (giving William Boyd his deserved credit since he's been doing so much work writing imbecilic comments here) and to the construction company as TeamTroyConstruction.

Intriguingly there was also more recently another comment left on the site by someone called Larisa:
"Recommend you cease and desist your slandering the name of
http://www.teamtroy.com/. Remove all entries bearing a likeness of TeamTroy."

Now I don't think this is actually written by anyone from TeamTroyConstruction at all. I think it is from TeamTroyAndWill, still desperately trolling because they have got nothing better to do with their lives, and grasping at anything to give themselves the feeling that they haven't totally lost the battle, which of course they have.

And I'm certainly not going to be removing any references to TeamTroy on this blog, at least for the foreseeable future.

Why am I so confident? Let's start with...

- Who on earth would ever issue a legal threat through the comments page of a blog? Normal people - with dignity and stuff - would use email.

- the person writing this comment left the name "Larisa". No surname. Come on guys...

- "Remove all entries bearing a likeness..." sounds like someone clueless trying to write in legalese. A "likeness" means an image. I have no images of, or purporting to be of, anyone on this site - except of course for the one of my wife.

- "slander" refers to the spoken word. This site is entirely textual. More misaimed legalese

- I have *not* said anything about the company TeamTroy. I have spoken unpleasant truths about a non-business entity of that name.

Of course I like to be thorough so I have fired off a couple of emails to the supposed senders of these comments. I await the outcome with some interest, one way or the other...