Monday, September 22, 2003

RiverSbend wrote:

My Yekke Friend
So obsessive a ritualist
Even a pleasant surprise
Makes him cross.
- posted by river @ 5:11 AM

[Brian’s Comment – this is kind of funny. Our fake blogger makes a half-hearted effort to seem human by sticking in a little poem but where did it come from? Answer: where it was posted in March 2003. Note this is a third riverbend blog. The genuine Iraqi one is but it appears predated by this one which made a brief appearance in March of 2003, and gives no clue as to its country of origin, or to any political intent. My guess is that the fake RiverSbend blogger stumbled upon this while trying to check on riverbendblog and stole it to give a cursory impression that the fake blog has some genuine human blog motivation behind it.]