Saturday, September 06, 2003

RiverSbend wrote:
Paras find Ammo at Schools
Ammunition has been found stored in every school searched by British soldiers securing their section of Iraq.
Speaking at a media briefing at Colchester Colonel Tony Barton, a spokesman from the 16 Air assault Brigade, said: "There is absolutely stacks of it (ammunition) around."

Brigadier Jacko Page said: "I can't believe it.
Most of it has been dragged into built-up areas to secure it. Every single school we went in to was full of ammunition."


Troops are living in more basic conditions in the province and eating combat rations because there is no way of keeping fresh produce in temperatures which do not dip below 30 degrees, even at night.
- posted by river @ 1:11 PM

[Brian's comment: This entire entry has been plagiarised verbatim from an article called coicidentally Paras Find Ammo At Schools from Sandy Times – “Published weekly by and for British Forces in the Gulf”
Just the sort of thing every eager Iraqi reads before breakfast]