Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Good News For TeamTroy on the Asia Blog Awards

Just kidding, fellas... Riverbend trounced the competition.

These were the final standings as listed here.

Baghdad Burning - 941 votes
healing iraq - 342 votes
Salam Pax - 330 votes

What an amazing vindication of the riverSbend smear campaign. (snigger).

Anyway while it would be obviously unbecoming of me to gloat, it is nonetheless interesting the mass amount of cheating that went on came primarily from the supporters of those bloggers who are more pro-US in their values.

My recollection is hazy on exact numbers but I do remember that Phil who ran the awards had said there was some mass cheating going on on behalf of some bloggers. I do recall that Iraq the Model had around 1500 votes last time I looked before Christmas, the vast majority of which now appear to have been adjudged to be fraudulent. (I have no reason to think that any of the bloggers themselves are behind this. It was probably just independent idiots)

I would be very interested if anyone took note of the exact numbers of listed votes when voting closed but by my recollection and in comparison to the standings it would appear that any discarded votes for Salam Pax and Riverbend made up a small percentage (if any) of their original numbers.

However the votes cast for Healing Iraq, Iraq at a Glance, Iraq the Model among others were in the large majority cheat votes. This calls to mind the other fact that despite recent quite unfounded hysteria over dirty tricks against pro-US bloggers the only sustained dirty tricks campaign run against any Iraqi blogger was against Riverbend.

Again I am forced to ask the question I posed when I first ran across the riverSbend smearblog those months ago - if these people who support the US invasion of Iraq
are so convinced of the rectitude of their cause, why do they have to lie and deceive to promote it?