Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Trolling, Trolling, Trolling...

I note with some degree of satisfaction that my increasing success at spotting and unmasking the fake nyms used by TeamTroy in the comments sections on this blog has seemingly caused them to abandon any attempts to fool me.

Instead they are now simply scrawling gibberish and nonsense in some comments like spoilt brattish children who have stumbled on a box of discarded crayons.

I could of course delete them - respect for freedom of speech does not require me to host a Troll party for a bunch of rather pathetic old gentlemen upset that they lost their favourite toy (the unmourned riverSbend smearblog).

On the other hand it has always been one of the primary principles of this blog that we should take our time to laugh at how badly Troy, William and pals conduct themselves and just wonder what it is they expect to achieve. So for the moment I will continue to do so.

(I am giving consideration to having a special "Trolling only" comments section where all Troll comments will be directed, and moved to if necessary, thus separating the preponderance of TeamTroy chaff from the occasional wheat from other readers. I'll see how it goes.)