Thursday, January 08, 2004

Has it Really Come to This?

It seems hard to believe that just a few months ago - when this blog was set on exposing and ridiculing the smear activities of a disgruntled GOP activist in the US intent on undermining the voice of a newly liberated Iraqi, even then some people (not many but some) said it was a waste of my time.

What would those people say now?

It seems the blog has degenerated into 4 main activities:

1) Troy, William, and their pals post their dumb irrelevant anti-Riverbend or anti-me remarks in the comments under a variety of long-exposed pseudonyms, still apparently believing themselves incognito. (Jeez H Christ, I already told you, William Boyd, that I know you used the same IP address to post here as "boper", as you regularly use in soc.retirement. And yet you still post as "boper" pretending to be some klutz who just wandered in off the street. What the **** is wrong with you?)

2) I interrogate new and suspiciously clueless nyms who are at least posting from a different IP address, to try and establish beyond doubt if they are just more of the same from the donkeymen of the apocalypse named above.

3) Possibly-independent Riverbend detractors stumble in to nitpick her blog. Despite my repeatedly pointing out this is not the place to do that - and having pointed to somewhere else which is ideal.

4) I or other people occasionally give the clueless stumblers the benefit of the doubt and try to address their witless/irrelevant objections.

All this... and yet I can't keep away...

Anyway if that, in of itself, doesn't present enough of a conundrum I'll throw the following into the mix. That big new secret project I announced. Well I know I made it sound like an online thing perhaps along similar lines to this but I was just joshing.

In a nutshell the person who I misleadingly referred to here in the past as Mrs AtBendingTruth is now in fact in actuality my wife. We got married over the Christmas period and here she is:

And yet here I still am. Unfathomable, eh?