Tuesday, January 06, 2004

WKS and the Idiot Ordnance Pt II

I received by email a tip from a reader who suggested I might have been hasty in adjudging WKS as a directly involved member of TeamTroy just because he consistently posting moronic defences of the aims of the riverSbend smear blog in the comments section here.

This person said that WKS was a "well-known idiot in the alt.impeach.bush newsgroup" and that they could not "recall one time he has approached a subject intelligently or rationally."

This somewhat muddies the water. I had expected "WKS" would just be, like "dajudge" or "boper" and many others a nym newly invented with the sole purpose of supporting the smearblog.

On the other hand a "well known idiot" who has never "approached a subject intelligently or rationally" sounds like the exact psychological profile of Troy, William Boyd and the others.

Also I note WKS appears to have rejected my invitation to attempt to exonerate himself, but the usual William Boyd nyms have appeared to try to do so.

So the question remains somewhat open, is WKS a complicit member of TeamTroy or is he in fact a completely independent idiot working alone? These are confusing times, indeed...

P.S. I suppose I should be flattered that now that the smearblog is down the morons at TeamTroy have found more time to devote to cluttering up my comments section. But really, even in retirement can't these losers find anything better to do with their time. So much for the Golden Years, eh guys?