Wednesday, January 07, 2004

So Many Idiots, So Little Time...

I note after perusing my comments on haloscan that not only did WKS reject my call to attempt to show themselves to be a genuine, non TeamTroy affiliated poster when asked. In fact he continued posting here using the name George (numbskull used the same email address for both names).

That may not be proof beyond reasonable doubt that WKS and George are unsavoury Troy affiliated individuals. But it sure is good enough for me.

Oh and I welcome new posters Lopez and sustaita. What pray tell brought you to this forum during its longest hiatus and when it was getting zero promotion anywhere?

Honestly you guys I'd love an answer? Seems my fame must indeed have spread far.

(Irrelevant fact fans - while Lopez and sustaita are names with a Spanish origin, Troy has a Spanish wife and can speak the language, Buleria, Solerito and of course Diego Gastor are other Spanish-based nyms he has used online. Isn't that an amusing (but of course completely irrelevant) coincidence?)