Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Any Similarity To Persons Living Or Dead...

This is kind of funny. As regular readers will know to save time on trying to identify individual members of Troy's cohorts - his pals from soc.retirement who helped him with the riverSbend smearblog - I have named them collectively as TeamTroy for some time. So when one of them writes a silly comment on this blog I can just write "TeamTroy" wrote as opposed to needlessly guessing whether it was Troy himself, William or another team member.

Факс +7 (095) 956-24-16
Мурат Арзуман
Менеджер по Развитию Бизнеса Группы Трой

Компания "Европром Трейд", входящая в группу "Трой", была создана с целью предоставления на российс

This recent comment (written in a foreign language way beyond my ken) led me to a site called www.teamtroy.com www.teamtroy.com. For a second as the site loaded I thought maybe I'd been right in an earlier prediction, and that this would be Troy and buddies new anti-Riverbend project. As you can imagine I was practically salivating in anticipation. Good comedy these days can be so hard to find.

Then I saw what looked like a Canadian maple leaf symbol on screen, and a fairly flashy into. Not looking promising... Soon enough my hopes were dashed and I discovered that TeamTroy seemed to be some kind of construction company.

Funny coincidence that. From now on to alleviate any confusion though I suppose I ought to start referring to Troy and buddies as TeamTroyAndWill (giving William Boyd his deserved credit since he's been doing so much work writing imbecilic comments here) and to the construction company as TeamTroyConstruction.

Intriguingly there was also more recently another comment left on the site by someone called Larisa:
"Recommend you cease and desist your slandering the name of
http://www.teamtroy.com/. Remove all entries bearing a likeness of TeamTroy."

Now I don't think this is actually written by anyone from TeamTroyConstruction at all. I think it is from TeamTroyAndWill, still desperately trolling because they have got nothing better to do with their lives, and grasping at anything to give themselves the feeling that they haven't totally lost the battle, which of course they have.

And I'm certainly not going to be removing any references to TeamTroy on this blog, at least for the foreseeable future.

Why am I so confident? Let's start with...

- Who on earth would ever issue a legal threat through the comments page of a blog? Normal people - with dignity and stuff - would use email.

- the person writing this comment left the name "Larisa". No surname. Come on guys...

- "Remove all entries bearing a likeness..." sounds like someone clueless trying to write in legalese. A "likeness" means an image. I have no images of, or purporting to be of, anyone on this site - except of course for the one of my wife.

- "slander" refers to the spoken word. This site is entirely textual. More misaimed legalese

- I have *not* said anything about the company TeamTroy. I have spoken unpleasant truths about a non-business entity of that name.

Of course I like to be thorough so I have fired off a couple of emails to the supposed senders of these comments. I await the outcome with some interest, one way or the other...

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Pretty On The Outside...

Don't worry, this is still basically the same site.

But since - with the demise of the riverSbend smearblog - this blog content-wise has become fairly redundant, (apart of course as a kind of rage outlet for the anti-social urges of a couple of unseemly old gents), I thought I should at least give visitors a slightly prettier facade to look at as they stumble through.

Here's hoping the "full moon" images don't drive any of TeamTroy, poised at borderline instability, to take that final leap into the chasm of madness.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Trolling, Trolling, Trolling...

I note with some degree of satisfaction that my increasing success at spotting and unmasking the fake nyms used by TeamTroy in the comments sections on this blog has seemingly caused them to abandon any attempts to fool me.

Instead they are now simply scrawling gibberish and nonsense in some comments like spoilt brattish children who have stumbled on a box of discarded crayons.

I could of course delete them - respect for freedom of speech does not require me to host a Troll party for a bunch of rather pathetic old gentlemen upset that they lost their favourite toy (the unmourned riverSbend smearblog).

On the other hand it has always been one of the primary principles of this blog that we should take our time to laugh at how badly Troy, William and pals conduct themselves and just wonder what it is they expect to achieve. So for the moment I will continue to do so.

(I am giving consideration to having a special "Trolling only" comments section where all Troll comments will be directed, and moved to if necessary, thus separating the preponderance of TeamTroy chaff from the occasional wheat from other readers. I'll see how it goes.)

Monday, January 12, 2004

Salam on Riverbend

I did receive a short but gracious reply from Salam Pax over the weekend on the subject of his acquaintance with Riverbend. He confirms Riverbend's story about their acquaintance on a couple of points.

"Riverbend sent me an email quite some time before the war. It freaked me out, I thought she was the secret police. Then I was not sure she were in Baghdad (questions about a specific billboard midtown cleared that) and after a couple of emails I asked her to write a post on my blog."


"I have no personal acquaintance with her unfortunately."

(a) they are not personally acquainted (NB. Could I ask all TeamTroy members when they post their dimwitted, trolling comments claiming this proves Riverbend is a Berkeley student to just sign themselves TeamTroy when they do so, instead of making up new pseudonyms to replace the recently outed Lopez, Brad, Susaita, WKS. I'd be grateful if you'd do this to save me the hassle of spending the 2 minutes having to do it myself? Cheers)

(b) he was very suspicious when he heard from her (before the war)

(c) they exchanged emails wherein he interrogated her about details of Baghdad

(d) eventually he accepted she was genuine.

So there we have it. Salam before the war when he lived in genuine and reasonable fear of being tracked down by Saddam's secret police, after a long period of suspicion, accepted Riverbend as being a genuine young woman in Iraq.

There remain of course a number of people Stateside with zero on the ground knowledge of the situation and much, much less reason to be suspicious who think they know better than he does.

I've said if before - some people will believe, or pretend to believe, anything as long as it suits their political views. And I don't of course expect Salam's post to change that.

The rest of us will just watch as the purposeful denial becomes ever more clear.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Riverbend on Salam

As I mentioned in the comments here, at Ken Bell's suggestion I emailed Salam Pax to ask if he could clarify how well he knew Riverbend, and thus could he vouch once and for all for the fact that she is an Iraqi. This of course to counter the claims of a couple of pestilent commentors (who like to give the impression they are large in number by endlessly using different nyms).

As I suspected Salam has not (yet?) responded. But I did get a comment from Riverbend on the matter. Now I don't think this needs emphasising to my sentient readers, but it is one of the endlessly propagated myths of TeamTroy that I am some kind of "official" front for Riverbend; of course I am no such thing. Our correspondence is occasional though friendly - really I am just a fan of hers like most people who read this blog. And I know very little more about her than anyone who just reads her public output. All the "evidence" I have that Riverbend is/is not an Iraqi has basically appeared in this blog. I strongly believe she is, but I could not claim to 100% know it, any more perhaps than anyone reading this knows that I am based in the United States. You have my say-so, you don't really have any reason to disbelieve it, but do you really know it? Not really, I think.

Anyway Riverbend requested that I not reproduce her email in full as it might divulge information pertaining to both her and Salam Pax that should not be in the public domain but the gist of it is as follows:

Riverbend and Salam have not met or actually spoken. However Salam was, quite understandably suspicious (probably more suspicious even than TeamTroy!) when Riverbend first emailed claiming to be an Iraqi reader. He basically made her jump through a lot of hoops before he would accept it - asking her to describe small and ephemeral details of her location, and incidents that would not have made any news. Also of course the fact that they shared a language - and she had up to date knowledge of its slang was further bolstering evidence.

Basically Salam would have had his own credibility severely undermined if he had allowed an imposter to guest on his blog and he ensured this did not happen. Riverbend invited me to ask Salam to back up her version of events. I don't doubt he would if we were in contact; at the moment we are not.

OK my writing this here will not prove anything to anyone determined to be sceptical. William Boyd or Troy would say - Riverbend could be lying , or even *I* could be lying - maybe there never even was a mail from her (but obviously for she or I to lie so publicly would risk immediate exposure). And those same people, even if there was an email straight from Salam Pax, would say I forged it or indeed as TeamTroy(George) had suggested in the comments here that Salam himself may not be real! (Reports that Troy and William Boyd still believe the earth is flat may or may not be exaggerated)

Some people will believe (or pretend to believe) anything rather than admit they were wrong. (And of course face up to the fact that they wasted months on a laughable and slimy smearblog that served no purpose other than to bring shame and ridicule on them and the causes they represent)

Bottom line is as far as I'm concerned, if you believe Salam Pax is real then you basically have to believe either he's very easily fooled or Riverbend herself is real also.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Has it Really Come to This?

It seems hard to believe that just a few months ago - when this blog was set on exposing and ridiculing the smear activities of a disgruntled GOP activist in the US intent on undermining the voice of a newly liberated Iraqi, even then some people (not many but some) said it was a waste of my time.

What would those people say now?

It seems the blog has degenerated into 4 main activities:

1) Troy, William, and their pals post their dumb irrelevant anti-Riverbend or anti-me remarks in the comments under a variety of long-exposed pseudonyms, still apparently believing themselves incognito. (Jeez H Christ, I already told you, William Boyd, that I know you used the same IP address to post here as "boper", as you regularly use in soc.retirement. And yet you still post as "boper" pretending to be some klutz who just wandered in off the street. What the **** is wrong with you?)

2) I interrogate new and suspiciously clueless nyms who are at least posting from a different IP address, to try and establish beyond doubt if they are just more of the same from the donkeymen of the apocalypse named above.

3) Possibly-independent Riverbend detractors stumble in to nitpick her blog. Despite my repeatedly pointing out this is not the place to do that - and having pointed to somewhere else which is ideal.

4) I or other people occasionally give the clueless stumblers the benefit of the doubt and try to address their witless/irrelevant objections.

All this... and yet I can't keep away...

Anyway if that, in of itself, doesn't present enough of a conundrum I'll throw the following into the mix. That big new secret project I announced. Well I know I made it sound like an online thing perhaps along similar lines to this but I was just joshing.

In a nutshell the person who I misleadingly referred to here in the past as Mrs AtBendingTruth is now in fact in actuality my wife. We got married over the Christmas period and here she is:

And yet here I still am. Unfathomable, eh?

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

So Many Idiots, So Little Time...

I note after perusing my comments on haloscan that not only did WKS reject my call to attempt to show themselves to be a genuine, non TeamTroy affiliated poster when asked. In fact he continued posting here using the name George (numbskull used the same email address for both names).

That may not be proof beyond reasonable doubt that WKS and George are unsavoury Troy affiliated individuals. But it sure is good enough for me.

Oh and I welcome new posters Lopez and sustaita. What pray tell brought you to this forum during its longest hiatus and when it was getting zero promotion anywhere?

Honestly you guys I'd love an answer? Seems my fame must indeed have spread far.

(Irrelevant fact fans - while Lopez and sustaita are names with a Spanish origin, Troy has a Spanish wife and can speak the language, Buleria, Solerito and of course Diego Gastor are other Spanish-based nyms he has used online. Isn't that an amusing (but of course completely irrelevant) coincidence?)
Good News For TeamTroy on the Asia Blog Awards

Just kidding, fellas... Riverbend trounced the competition.

These were the final standings as listed here.

Baghdad Burning - 941 votes
healing iraq - 342 votes
Salam Pax - 330 votes

What an amazing vindication of the riverSbend smear campaign. (snigger).

Anyway while it would be obviously unbecoming of me to gloat, it is nonetheless interesting the mass amount of cheating that went on came primarily from the supporters of those bloggers who are more pro-US in their values.

My recollection is hazy on exact numbers but I do remember that Phil who ran the awards had said there was some mass cheating going on on behalf of some bloggers. I do recall that Iraq the Model had around 1500 votes last time I looked before Christmas, the vast majority of which now appear to have been adjudged to be fraudulent. (I have no reason to think that any of the bloggers themselves are behind this. It was probably just independent idiots)

I would be very interested if anyone took note of the exact numbers of listed votes when voting closed but by my recollection and in comparison to the standings it would appear that any discarded votes for Salam Pax and Riverbend made up a small percentage (if any) of their original numbers.

However the votes cast for Healing Iraq, Iraq at a Glance, Iraq the Model among others were in the large majority cheat votes. This calls to mind the other fact that despite recent quite unfounded hysteria over dirty tricks against pro-US bloggers the only sustained dirty tricks campaign run against any Iraqi blogger was against Riverbend.

Again I am forced to ask the question I posed when I first ran across the riverSbend smearblog those months ago - if these people who support the US invasion of Iraq
are so convinced of the rectitude of their cause, why do they have to lie and deceive to promote it?
Bouncing Stats

Eagle-eyed/obsessive readers may have noted my hit counter has been acting a bit peculiarly lately. This isn't my fault.

Apparently problems at gostats.com caused them to lose a large amount of member data. This is why it went down from over 10000 to 0 sometime over the Christmas period.

Out of pure vanity I added back 10000 entirely artificially though I know it was in fact well over this before it was zeroed.

Worse yet I've lost all the IP address information I was collecting via hit stats on William, Troy and their pals so I won't be able to forward it to my Al Qaeda connection as I had planned.

And I so needed that $25 million dollars...

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

A Better Place To Attack Riverbend

Bending Truth is/was intended to expose and undermine the riverSbend smearblog culprits. It was never intended to support every single item that appears in Riverbend's blog as fact.

It believes Riverbend is a genuine Iraqi blogger but that is pretty much as far as it goes.

If people wish to criticise her blog and its details this is not the place for it.

I discovered, and have posted on this alternative forum. It's an ezboard message board on Riverbend's blog.

The tenor here when I last posted was certainly anti-Riverbend so many readers may find it suits their politics better than this one. And it *is* intended for debate over any Riverbend related matter.

So go there please if you want to complain about Riverbend's description of cluster bombs or describe her blog as propaganda or lies. Bending Truth is not the place for that.

I don't wish to start editing or deleting comments (beyond pointing out those posted by TeamTroy) but I repeat I don't want this blog to be a host to Riverbend nitpickers. I do not have the time or the inclination to defend her every point.

Be warned that I may well in the future direct unwanted and off topic comments like "Her most recent lie is "Cluster Bombs" falling a few days ago" to the ezboard forum. I just don't want them here.

WKS and the Idiot Ordnance Pt II

I received by email a tip from a reader who suggested I might have been hasty in adjudging WKS as a directly involved member of TeamTroy just because he consistently posting moronic defences of the aims of the riverSbend smear blog in the comments section here.

This person said that WKS was a "well-known idiot in the alt.impeach.bush newsgroup" and that they could not "recall one time he has approached a subject intelligently or rationally."

This somewhat muddies the water. I had expected "WKS" would just be, like "dajudge" or "boper" and many others a nym newly invented with the sole purpose of supporting the smearblog.

On the other hand a "well known idiot" who has never "approached a subject intelligently or rationally" sounds like the exact psychological profile of Troy, William Boyd and the others.

Also I note WKS appears to have rejected my invitation to attempt to exonerate himself, but the usual William Boyd nyms have appeared to try to do so.

So the question remains somewhat open, is WKS a complicit member of TeamTroy or is he in fact a completely independent idiot working alone? These are confusing times, indeed...

P.S. I suppose I should be flattered that now that the smearblog is down the morons at TeamTroy have found more time to devote to cluttering up my comments section. But really, even in retirement can't these losers find anything better to do with their time. So much for the Golden Years, eh guys?