Sunday, December 28, 2003

WKS and the "Idiot Ordnance"

WKS you may note you are the first commentor here to have fallen foul of the guidelines I laid out in the Dec 16th entry "PLEASE NOTE - This comment was posted by an active member of the riverSbend smear team", thus you have in a sense been "quarantined" - having that warning placed below your comments, and assumed to be one of TeamTroy (I shall belatedly christen this the "Idiot Ordnance")

Here's the key quote:
There have been so many false nyms used by Troy's friends here... that any new poster who adopts the standard practice of defending Troy using really dumb or irrelevant arguments may be assumed to be in cahoots with him.

Also note:
It is open to anyone to contact me by email to complain or to offer evidence of an independent net existance if they feel they have been wrongly judged.

Note I don't just assume anyone who has a bad word to say about Riverbend is on TeamTroy. But WKS's insistence ("It is sad to see River's Bend leave") that we should mourn the loss of the smearblog as it fulfilled a valuble service is a little out of touch with reality to ring true.

WKS I'd like to know your thoughts on these key questions:
- don't you think there is something wrong in pretending to be someone else in order to pretend they have changed their views?
- don't you think a forum ought to allow opposing viewpoints to stand, instead of deleting them and banning posters just because their opinions don't fit?

If you WKS are not in TeamTroy you find yourself in a tiny minority if you disagree with those two points. That's why you fell foul of the Idiot Ordnance. But please feel free to prove me wrong - if you can provide details of a previous web history. Even if you can prove you have ever, in any context said something intelligent I will certainly reconsider your designation.

Note to others if I'm correct in assuming WKS is on TeamTroy this comment may be telling us something:

I hope someone takes Cherice's advice and takes it up again. What with all the negative comments about Baghdad Burning cluttering up comments in other blogs, a blog like river's Bend is a good idea.

TeamTroy(WKS) seems to be holding up Cherice(renowned anti-Riverbend, anti-BendingTruth Iraqiblog-commentor) as some kind of Christlike speaker of Gospel script. This I think is her comment with which he is so enamoured.

"you should do this the right way and not sink to her level of deceit (sic) as you are doing with this "clone" blog."

(Personally I remain slightly agnostic on the issue of Cherice's divinity having noted a certain flagrant ideological skew in some of her other utterances, but that is by-the-by)

Is it possible Troy and his buddies have decided they are taking too much flak for the blog as it is in its current location but that the time and market are ripe for another slightly different, perhaps more honest anti-Riverbend campaign. Just a hunch, but I wouldn't be surprised.

I'd also love to see what they could come up - to be honest the rank dishonesty of their other efforts was the only angle that was interesting about them at all.