Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Enemy is in Retreat!

Great news folks. If you check out the riverSbend smear site today you can plainly see that our campaign is having considerable success. It looks like almost complete capitulation by "Diego".

- He's obviously given up on trying to replace the graphics we've had yanked. (And to think I thought he was completely incorrigible.)

- He's removed his fake archives

- significantly he has removed the line he stole from Riversbend that adorns the top of her page. Instead of saying "I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend..." as he did until yesterday, the fake blog now says, "...The riversbend, a place where you can begin again..."

- Most significantly perhaps he's changed the name to Baghdad's not Burning. The chances that anyone might actually stumble on this site and believe it was by the real Riverbend have tumbled.

- He has stopped claiming to be writing an "Iraqi girl blog"

- the posts are no longer attributed to "river"

- "Diego" has even put in a link to the real Riverbend!

Now is this enough? He has put in a new entry today, so that indicates some intent to keep adding to the blog. And he is still including stolen and unattributed prose. It's a massive step. But why not just drop the whole rivers thing Diego? Start a blog being if not entirely open about who you are at least making a clean break.

I'm sure if you started up an there would be a few people who'd pop in, from a morbid curiosity if nothing else. How about it old fella? Shut down riverSbend. Shut down riverbendS. Exercise your rights to free speech on a totally separate forum and I can guarantee you at least one eager reader.

Heck I'll even give you a plug here.