Sunday, October 12, 2003

RiverSbend wrote:

First Transfer of Authority From Coalition to Iraqis

A significant event marking the return to normalcy for the Iraqi people occurred Oct. 7. Authority of a site was transferred back to the people of Iraq.


Bouhy and the rest of the guards were thrilled by the ceremony and the chance to be a part of history. “Now we can celebrate something for ourselves,” Bouhy said. “We did not have the opportunity to celebrate with the old regime.”

- posted by river @ 6:14 AM

[Brian’s Comment – this is a direct steal - First Transfer of Authority From Coalition to Iraqis, by Cpl. Todd Pruden, 372nd MPAD. We have already been familiarized with Cpl Pruden’s work in the Sept 18th entry. Note – one wonders what the fake blogger intends to suggest by reproducing this stuff as if it were original. Are we to suppose that this “simple Iraqi woman worker” was approaching US soldiers (quoted in the article) and canvassing for their opinions on the handover here – and getting neat little soundbites like “this will definitely be a centerpiece for this area”? The mind boggles. My feeling is that the blogger simply does not know what he’s doing. The blog is a very half-hearted and incompetent attempt and has no cogent, consistent or logical feel to it, the way a genuine blog does. NB the blogger even takes the image from the original and posts it in the blog]