Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Well so much for my dilemma. The truth is out. Another blogger called John Gorenfeld, working entirely independently of me, and using different means has identified the riverSbend faker. I've contacted John, both to share war stories, and perhaps to temper my earlier remarks.

As I told John, it was an experience which occurred to an online acquaintance of mine wherein someone with an online grudge contacted her employer and caused her trouble at work (by producing out of context her online contributions) that has made me hesitant to draw the line between the riverSbend faker and his real identity. These are my scruples, and I don't mean to suggest anyone else is at fault for not holding them.

I would hope that if "Diego" as I'll now refer to our faker, has any integrity, any damn sense that he'll admit defeat and give it up. But if he was a man of worth he'd never have done what he did, so I'm not holding my breath.