Wednesday, October 29, 2003

On Diego's Email

I don't have it! Or I might have and just don't know. I have so many. I have recently tried emailing him at a couple of the more likely candidates but if one of them turns out to be live I think it's only fair to give him the opportunity to cease and desist before I'd even consider doling it out.

Remember folks he is an old guy, and even though he's a mean, mean old guy I wouldn't feel quite right about dishing out his address at the moment. I can't guarantee I'll always feel that way if he starts saying more things like, "I can't imagine that your family is very proud of you now. They definitely aren't looking forward to a traitors funeral. Keep it up and your relatives will be scraping a 82 year old basterd off the wall of your studio." as he has done in the past but who knows.

As I've said before - if I publish his email address I have to take a degree of responsibility for every single message that goes his way as a result of that. And that's something I can't do without giving a high degree of consideration to. I'd like for ideally Riverbend and him to have an email discussion about where he sees this whole blog fakery going and come to some sort of, if not amicable, at least slightly less public denouement.

Also as well as being a limp-wristed chicken-livered liberal do-gooder as noted, by not giving out too much I'm also being a pragmatist. If I publish all I know and Diego gets the worst web-bashing in history he may well bunker in and become even worse than he is already. He'll have nothing left to lose. At the moment, his online life is a million times more comfortable than it could be in theory and as long as he knows that he has an incentive to change his behaviour.

For the moment, since I know Diego knows about this blog how about if I just agree to post any messages anyone wants in the knowledge that he may well read them?