Saturday, October 25, 2003

Knight Takes Pawn

Well it was fun while it lasted. When I checked the fake riverSbend site this morning the anti-Bush image had been replaced. This time by a rather cutsie picture of what looks like a child. Is this supposed to be our blogger?

Again our faker has just linked to another site, making the source of his picture very plain. It's from this site Youth Noise, this page. This time it really is an Iraqi girl. A 12 year old Iraqi girl callen Belan and not a "simple woman worker". Now this site is not "political" in the sense of taking a for or against stance on the war on Iraq, as far as I can see. But it seems a nice well-intentioned site and this page gives readers an opportunity to send well wishes to children in Iraq.

How offended might they be by the possibly illegal use of their graphic? I'd guess not as offended as Mark Vallen was, since the use in this instance is not, as far as I can tell at this juncture such a direct corruption of the owner's artistic intent. But since they are supporting Iraqi young people and the faker riverSbend is trying to squash the voice of a young Iraqi person it's possible they'd object. I intend writing to them to find out. But not now. I'm a bit pushed for time.

Anyway at least this incident shows the riverSbend faker is still paying some attention to their site. They hadn't put up anything new since Tuesday 21 and the Dinar Returns to Iraq entry. I can't imagine why the faker has been so lax. From this ommision one might even think there hasn't been any good news to report since. And we all know this isn't so.