Tuesday, October 21, 2003

RiverSbend wrote:
Dinar Returns to Iraq

Japan had about $150 million in Iraqi funds frozen in accounts there. So far almost $90 million has been returned to the development fund. $585 million more was identified in accounts in Switzerland, and $275 million has returned to Iraq. The United States has returned almost $2 Billion that was frozen and held in their banks
since the first war in 1991.
- posted by river @ 12:21 AM

[Brian’s Comment – very interesting. I first pointed out the flagrant plagiarism on the site to the believed culprit in the time between the last entry and this one. After this confrontation the perpetrator may have realized that the game was - to a degree – up, and that he would need to shift tactics This entry I cannot locate online as I have done with all the other entries below. A bit more checking though came up with this:

U.S.: Syrian-controlled banks hold $3 billion in Iraqi funds, Douglas Jehl, New York Times

“Some $150 million more in Iraqi funds has long been frozen by Japan, and about $90 million of that has been returned to the development fund. About $585 million more has been identified in accounts of the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland, and $275 million of that has been returned.”

[Before that in the piece:]
“About $1.7 billion belonging to the former Iraqi government had been held in banks in the United States, where it had been frozen since the Gulf War of 1991.

So it appears our blogger, may be taking just a little more care to rewrite. Or else this is just lifted from a source I have been unable to find. Whatever it certainly isn’t being written from an Iraqi on the streets as this blog would have us believe. Watch this space as the game progresses]