Wednesday, October 15, 2003

RiverSbend wrote:
The New Dinar

Today we begin exchanging our two old currencies for a single new Iraqi Dinar, according to Coalition Provisional Authorities.


The exchange is a major logistical operation that involved flying the 2300 tons of currency in 747s into Baghdad and over 100 convoys, delivering over 700 tons of currency around the country. Click here for more information on the new currency.

- posted by river @ 3:07 AM

[Brian’s Comment – this is nothing new. Again like the David Kay blog thing it’s almost fair enough. It actually says things like “according to the [CPA]” and actually links to a CPA article ( However the main quotes e.g. “For years Iraqis have struggled with the difficulties of operating with two separate currencies” are adapted from the front page of the cpa site unattributed (NB this is accurate as of present but is obviously not going to be front page news forever) ]