Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Strike Two!
As of now, it looks like we've scored another little victory over the fake riverSbend smear site. Yesterday I let the youthnoise website know that the smear propagandist was illegally using their graphic of a young Iraq girl to bolster his plagiarised blog.

I didn't hear back from youthnoise, but I note they've renamed the graphic as of today, so that the faker's link fails again. This time, he's not broadcasting an anti-Bush political message just a blank space but still...

Anyway I wonder if its ever going to dawn on Diego of the smear riverSbend blog that people don't like to have their art stolen to emblazon a hack smear job like the one he is running. I wonder how long he's going to stay online before he gets his site yanked for TOS violations. I'd reckon his days are probably numbered.

Obviously watch this space.