Wednesday, October 29, 2003

The Tenacity of the Cockroach
Question: When does an admirable and relentless pursuit of an objective cross the line into a sad inability to learn from one's mistakes?

I ask because as of this morning the fake riverSbend smear site again replaced the graphic we had yanked yesterday. This for the second time in less than a week. And because again the Diego, the riverSbend smear merchant, linked directly to a graphic from someone who again does not sound like he'd have much sympathy for Diego's objectives and methods. Put more succinctly, he doesn't sound like a nut.

This time the picture is of MidEastern children and the author Leon Sparx sounds like a decent guy. He has this to say about himself:

"I'm a 24-year-old college graduate who works in computers. Originally I was to spend 2.5 months backpacking Scandinavia. Norway proved quite expensive, so I went to eastern Europe. In Poland, I learned the Iraqi border had been opened. "

I will of course contact him forthwith.

On a sidebar:
I'm kind of feeling a degree of irrational inner conflict over this. Obviously it is my stated aim to get the riverSbend faker off the web but there's something in me crying out for a more worthy opponent. Am I going to daily update this blog only for him to repeat the same dumb mistakes over and over?

I'm just glad I wasn't under Diego's command back in Korea. I can picture him endlessly sending a pointman over the same peak to be repeatedly picked off by the same sniper. "Go for it man", Diego would say shoving the next soldier toward certain death, "Maybe this time the sniper won't shoot"

Why does he have to keep stealing so flagrantly from people who will have no sympathy whatever for his shabby objectives? (OK I'm jumping the gun saying that about Leon Sparx who has yet to raise an objection. But like I said I'm basing my conclusion that he won't like what riverSbend has done on my impression that he (Leon of course, not riverSbend) isn't a nut)

Seriously don't any right wing nuts have cameras? Couldn't he get a photo of anybody of vaguely MidEastern appearance and put it up himself. I know I shouldn't be giving the guy pointers, but Jeez, it just gets embarrassing for everyone to be involved with someone so thoroughly inept.