Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Snowballing contempt
riverSbend's fakery from October 27th:
Todays Tragedy by Zeyad
"The Mujahedeen have sent the Iraqi people their Ramadan greetings. Today, the first day of Ramadan, there were several bombings all around Baghdad. The deadliest was on the Red Cross in Sina'a street. An Ambulance full of explosives went past..."

This blog is starting to practically write itself. As a correspondent kindly pointed out this riverSbend thievery is from Zeyad, who writes the healingiraq.blogspot.com blog which is causing quite a stir on the internet at the moment. To an extent it's been credited, but I wonder does our lying propagandist really not know that it is still intellectual theft to reproduce and publish material - even if you put the author's name beside it - if you do not have their permission to do so?

I would suggest that if the riverSbend thief really wants to promote the healingiraq blog (which, while seeming genuine, does arguably paint a more pro-US picture than either Salaam Pax or Riverbend) that he just write a blog, admitting to being an ex-military, retirement age, pro-War, Clinton-despising, Republican party activist[1] and link approvingly to it.

Until the riverSbend blogger owns up to fact that he is not really an Iraqi working woman, that his only connection to Riverbend is that of any other parasite to its host, until he alters his blog to remove the entirely intended and dishonest similarities, until he stops stealing unattributed material without the author's approval, then he is still being a dishonest, smearing, cowardly, moronic, sad and bitter little man.

[1]From December 2002 until Jan 2003 the riverSbend plagiarist proudly proclaimed himself "an active member of the 'Republican Party.'" Taking this at face value, I'm not sure if he stopped being a Republican Party active member at this time, or if his deceitful, underhand dirty trick tactics are the work of someone who remains an active member of the party. My gut instinct is that he is not acting with any official authority. I can imagine the Republican party capable of almost any foul-up. But I fall short of imagining they'd be so incompetent as to enlist the services of the riverSbend blogger who is after all to dirty tricks what inspector Clouseau was to competent police work.