Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Did Christmas Come Early?

I'm hesitant to leap to any judgements about the current non-activity at riverSbendblog. I'd been away from my PC all weekend until yesterday evening when I discovered emails in my mailbox starting from Sunday afternoon saying that the smearblog appeared to be down.

Now Blogger does have occasional glitches and Bending Truth itself has sometimes been inaccessible even to me once in a while. But it is now Tuesday morning so it seems that riverSbend's silence is approaching the two days mark.

Has the blog been yanked by Blogger? Have the old meanies at TeamTroy called it off? Maybe this is just a Christmas ceasefire? It is much too early to say. But certainly every minute that the smearblog is off-line is a good one for anyone who believes in truth, honesty and openness and despises cowardice, deceitfulness and lies.

If it is down for good this is certainly fortuitous timing. Not just because we're coming to Christmas but also because I am finding it difficult to maintain the high level of attention I have previously been devoting to Bending Truth.

I am currently working on another even more important (sorry Riverbend :)), but as yet confidential, project which I will reveal in more details in the New Year. Those individuals (usually from TeamTroy but occasionally from outside it) who have wondered that I have nothing better to do with my time, may soon find themselves conclusively confounded by the evidence that I very certainly *do*. I expect even those naysayers will be reluctantly impressed that I have managed to squeeze Bending Truth in around my other even more vital, currently surreptitious activities.

Anyway for as long as I can flog the hole in the ground where a dead horse used to be that is the riverSbend smearblog I will be maintaining this site; just perhaps not as avidly as I have done up til now.

If this is the last entry up til Christmas may all my readers have a Happy Christmas. Even Troy, Sordo, Jim and William - you pusillanimous old gits!