Friday, December 12, 2003

Troy and the Boys Might Find This Interesting

Typosquatter pleads guilty to luring kids to porn sites

"A pervert who tried to lure kids to pornographic Web sites by registering misspellings of Net sites likely to be popular to kids faces a lengthy prison sentence. "


"Under a plea bargaining arrangement, Zuccarini has agreed to go to jail for between 30 to 37 months for his crimes. "


"he sought to boost [revenues] by registering common mistyping of domains"


My legal opinion - you probably needn't be measuring yourself up for prison clothes just yet guys. Just bear in mind that the law does not look 100% favourably on "Typosquatters" like yourselves who try to divert people from legitimate sites for their own nefarious purposes.

I'd need to study this case in a lot more depth before I'd be sure completely if there is a way you guys could be prosecuted under it.

Obviously you're using the same proscribed luring mechanism, the only question I see is - is what you are luring people to objectionable enough for a prosecution? Hmmm, I don't know - you do/did have a lot of stolen intellectual property on the site, you are still falsely using photographs of people without their consent. Maybe. Maybe.

Food for thought, my friends. Maybe if you know any lawyers you ought to give one a quick call... 30 months at your age is a long time...