Friday, December 05, 2003

Words of Wisdom

Our recent visit from Sordo, Troy's idol, makes me think now would be a good time to provide a little peek into their cozy world. These are a few choice quotes from Sordo. He doesn't archive his posts, which suggests even he is not proud of them, and which might make me slightly uneasy about posting his thoughts here. On the other hand there is this from the man himself, posted just a few weeks back in October:

Sordo's Usenet Rule No.1: "By posting here you have
forfeited your right to remain silent and consequently
anything said by you can and will be used against you
at any future opportunity."

And I'm sure he knows best.

Recent Sordo quotes

Communist and Democrat are synonymous.

a hated Muslim country like France

[England is] a country over run with 3rd
world miscreants; that recognizes homosexuals as their
national bird;

To another poster:
There are pictures of you posted on the web of you sitting and drinking wine with Ward and George. That makes you a cock sucking wino

dispicable homosexual activities e.g. oral sex

Well if old Rush is a queer then all you liberals should suck up to him and protect him like you do the others.

“San Fagdisco”

In response to a report about a mentally ill man desecrating Muslim graves in Paris
Obscene gloating laughter re-inserted.

Dean Panders to the Towel Heads

I used to have a few Democrat friends but due to my experiences here in socialist.retirement, I've completely put them out of my life. I've come to learn that they can't be
trusted as they lie, most are anti-American and are the worst of hypocrites.

On French women: “they don't smell very good”

“So as not to disappoint my fans I offer the following quote:

"I yearn for the day when homosexuals are hearded together, tossed into a pot, boiled down into a black sticky residue & used to pave the streets." ---Cajun©”


Lovely. Who needs friends when one has enemies like Troy and Sordo?