Friday, December 19, 2003

More Tenacity from the Cockroaches

There is currently a poll being run for best Iraqi blog at this location

Eagle-eyed viewers may note that Riverbend (Baghdad Burning) is doing pretty well, but also that River's Bend has a decent supply of votes. Call me crazy but is it really possible 60 people think River's Bend is the best Iraqi blog there is? God knows a lot of people dislike Riverbend. Some of these people may even think that she is worse that TeamTroy's smearblog But is it even conceivable that 60 of these people might actually think the smearblog is *better* that Zeyad's HealingIraq, and IraqAtAGlance, and IraqTheModel! It's a truly scary thought.

But one I think we need not harbour. What I think is much more likely is that TeamTroy's blog is getting votes from people who mistakenly think they're voting for Riverbend. Which would be a shame. And would effectively distort the poll rendering not meaningless but certainly less useful.

I posted in the comments a query as to what made an "Iraqi blog" since River's Bend isn't (a) Iraqi or (b) a blog but the siteowner Phil said since it was about Iraq (hmmm...) he hoped market forces would just dictate that if River's Bend wasn't an Iraqi blog then no one would vote for it.

I countered by saying that that didn't really address the fact of people being fooled. The Market does not allow for someone to produce a product deliberately intended to deceive customer's of another product into buying it - like producing "Cola-Coca" in a distinctive red and white tin. This is what the smearblog does. Anyway here is our discussion on the matter

I do appreciate Phil's position as I told him, and can understand how someone not fully informed about the situation would be very wary of appearing to take the wrong side in this issue.

Regardless I suggest that the best way of expressing an opinion on the matter would be for anyone who hasn't voted but who actually thinks Riverbend's blog is the best Iraqi blog out there should vote for her.

But I don't agree with some suggestions I've read elsewhere that whoever wins somehow vindicates a particular political view of the Iraqi occupation. I don't think anyone should vote for Riverbend if they happen to think it's a load of garbage only they don't want GW Bush to win the next election.

Best Blog should just mean "best blog". Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray is I think one of the "Best Books" ever - but its prevailing ideology is entirely abhorrent to me. I could say much the same of "Under My Thumb" by the Rolling Stones, or "He Hit Me and It Felt Like a Kiss" by the Crystals.


I note with some incredulity that TeamTroy has removed Robert's fake rumour story from the blog. Every so often it does appear public opinion has some impact on them. I do note however that Cherice's comments are still there even after she asked that they be removed. Oh well, baby steps...