Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Inside the Mind of a Serial Liar

Yesterday TeamTroy (daJudge) posted in the comments here the following shameful (and semi-literate) excuse for their behaviour:
"In fact all who does post on the Blogs and News Groups do so with a fictitious name, in addition they in some cases post under names previously used by other posters. The whole thing is a sham and hiding go seek game."

As frequently happens when dealing with TeamTroy, I'm left with the dilemma of whether to categorise this load of garbage as being primarily resultant on TeamTroy's (a) deceitfulness or (b) stupidity.

Assuming it's just deceitfulness I'll remind my readers that

a) in fact it is an outright lie to claim that everyone who posts on blogs uses an assumed name
b) blogging is not in fact a "sham and hide and go seek game" - except in the minds of TeamTroy's deceitful morons.

Most people reading this will recognise this for the shameless and illogical self-exculpatory garbage that it is.

If however TeamTroy, you really do believe what you have said and are in fact stupid enough to believe it, here's an ethics and morality 101:

a) It is quite a different thing to use a consistent identity (even if it does not give away your personal information) and to use a variety of fake names to give the impression that you are a number of independent entities. Sock puppety is as well-recognised and long-decried form of abuse on the net as public masturbation is in real life. The difference between using sock puppets and using a psuedonym should be plain to all but the most intellectually disadvantaged.

sock puppet n.

[Usenet: from the act of placing a sock over your hand and talking to it and pretending it's talking back] In Usenet parlance, a pseudo through which the puppeteer posts follow-ups to their own original message to give the appearance that a number of people support the views held in the original message.

b) It is quite true that there are some scumbags on the net who pose as other people. TeamTroy are indeed examples of such scumbags. In the real world just because some other people steal and kill and molest children does not make it excusable for me to steal and kill and molest children. In the same way just because some people lie and deceive on the net does not make it excusable for me or TeamTroy to lie and deceive.

Now TeamTroy if telling yourself that load of crap you just told me (that cowardly lying and deceiving is OK because some other people do it) is what helps you to sleep at night I'd like you to review what other people (all from a right-wing and/or pro-invasion and/or anti-Riverbend perspective) have had to say about what you've been doing.

"I thought it was deplorable that [the riverSbend blogger] would post under Riverbends name in an obvious attempt to undermine her message."

I think it is a crock of cowardly shit to "clone" her blog... you should ... not sink to her level of deceit as you are doing with this "clone" blog."

Leon Sparx
riversbend--the one that stole my picture--is a site put up by some guy in Texas to simulate the riverbend site. He replicated her web layout, has a very similar e-mail address, and carries on as if he is a woman in Baghdad. So basically, I fell for the whole thing, and let this riversbend jerk-off use one of my pictures.

Michael Totten
There is also a riversbend, which is kind of a dirty trick, I think, very different, not really Iraqi:

That toad who tried to hijack Riverbend's blog with one called "Riversbend" turns out to be a longtime internet shit-stirrer named "Troy", some sort of obnoxious dittohead active with the NRA. Now, I have no particular use for Riverbend, myself - I think she's a sniveling lightweight - but impersonating someone online is a vile and stupid act, and should be roundly denounced.

Psychotic Duo (Bloggers For Bush, no less)
If riversbend truly is someone who is not really in Iraq that would have to be the most pathetic blogger the internet has to offer. What would make someone pretend to be from somewhere that they are not and completely copy a site belonging to someone else. Including all of the links and even the freebie hit counter at the bottom of the page? Attention? Jealousy?


So the bottom line TeamTroy is this, if you really think there is moral justification for lying, and deceiving as you have done, don't try and persuade this lily-livered liberal of it. Go persuade Zeyad, Cherice, Leon, Michael Totten, Blogfonte or "Blogger for Bush" Psychotic Duo that you are not "the most pathetic blogger the internet has to offer".

And when you've done that and proved it is possible to persuade even someone on the right that you aren't a bunch of scumbags, then maybe the rest of us might have to give it some consideration. At the moment, since no one with any net cred whatever, has any time for you, you probably oughtn't to be letting your laughable excuses as offered here grant you that decent night's sleep.

Later, losers...