Friday, December 12, 2003

A Fuller Picture

As the riverSbend site becomes more and more open in its basic "We Hate Riverbend" message it has taken to collating negative comments about Riverbend from other locations. Troy and the boys of course remain entirely oblivious to the reality that it is perfectly legitimate to criticise someone with whom you don't agree; while it is completely illegitimate to pretend to be them to undermine them. Seriously can't you guys see the difference here?)

Anyway since the guys have been a little selective in the comments they reproduced from Iraq At A Glance in particular I thought I ought to fill in some gaps. :

Obligatory mention that the RiverSbend site is of course the only one so far set up as a FAKE

(unles u wish to join those who still place riverbend in san francisco or somewhere)

and clumsily converted after being exposed.

Sorry couldn't resist
Alex | Email | Homepage | 12.09.03 - 8:12 pm | #

Woody, I don't think anyone was claiming that Riverbend is fake. It's "Riversbend" (with an "s" in the middle), possibly later renamed something like "Riverbends", that is the "fake".

I believe Riverbend mentioned that an uncle was killed by a coalition bomb and her aunt went to pieces.

Having lived in a large German city that was virtually annihilated in a single night of "shock and awe" I can see that it is not always easy to appreciate ones liberators when their actions have had devastating effects on ones own family.
EuroBrit | Email | Homepage | 12.10.03 - 2:30 am | #

"Some people swear the Riverbend is genuine. Which is it? How do you know it's fake?"
only an Iraqi can and I am Iraqi and I can tell you for sure that riverbend is an Iraqi girl bloging from Baghdad
Sam | Email | Homepage | 12.10.03 - 2:34 am | #

And I thought everyone knew by now that the RiverSbend blog is a fake, created by a 70-year-old loser (male, of course) in the US.

I sort of respect the Iraqi bloggers who nowadays write so uncritically of the American occupiers: because they most assuredly are thus increasing their chances of being murdered (not just losing friends).
Rachel, a Brit in London | Email | Homepage | 12.09.03 - 10:47 pm | #

Actually one of the most amusing things to observe about US blogentators have been desperate attempts to claim Iraqi bloggers are posting from California whenever the message gets uncomfortable.
Good to see that's almost exhausted along with the arrogance about their written english.
What I can't understand is why people used to the massive difference in expereince and views between individuals in say Chicago find it so difficult to accpet from a few iraqi bloggers.
Alex | Email | Homepage | 12.12.03 - 4:18 pm | #

Sorry Troy and the boys - it's true a lot of people don't like Riverbend, but the disdain for you lot is a heck of a lot more unanimous. :)