Monday, December 15, 2003

More Honest Riverbend Foe Calls Troy "Coward"

A very regular poster to the comments section of a number of Iraqi blogs, Cherice Baye, could never be accused of having a pro-Riverbend bias. In fact Cherice has never made any secret of her dislike for the Iraqi girl blogger and, in fact, for Bending Truth as well.

However Cherice is one of those people intelligent and principled enough to know that just because you dislike a person's politics that does not justify your using any and all means to oppose them. Cherice was thus not at all impressed to note that her comments from IraqAtAGlance had been lifted by Troy and put on his site.

She had this to say to him:

"I think it is a crock of cowardly shit to "clone" her blog and I resent having my comments posted there without my permission because I would never post any comments on that fake blog for fear that someone might actually think I was endorsing this type of deceptive behavior. If I wanted to post there I would have posted there. I do NOT."


"you should do this the right way and not sink to her level of deceit (sic) as you are doing with this "clone" blog."

She actually asks Troy to remove her comments ("If you are reading this "Charles" please remove my comments you stole from Ays blog.") because like other pro-occupation voices (Centcom included) she thinks (quite rightly) regardless of certain politic agreements that Troy is so slimy any potential association with him is regrettable.

So hear that Troy and pals. Another individual who considers Riverbend a "liar" still thinks you are behaving at least as badly. Feel stupid yet?

You should do.