Tuesday, December 02, 2003

A Legend Appears

From the comments, Gordo outs himself:
"Hope it is not getting to hot in the kitchen for you.You don't seem to understand, They did not reveal all of the errors made in the Riverbend blog that shows that it is fake. One of them is, Power Grid schedule / Blog post time. Compare them and you will see there were posting at a time when the power was off. There are more, They might let you know what they are later as if they choose."

Maybe I should have figured out earlier but I deduce that Gordo is in fact Sordo, Troy Palmore's mentor, from soc.retirement, perhaps the only habitual resident more offensive and obnoxious than Troy himself. I feel truly honoured!

Sordo was mentioned in John Gorenfeld's initial expose. It is true that some people had in the past suspected that Sordo and Troy were in fact one and the same. This was not an unreasonable impression given that about 90% of Troy's posts to soc.retirement involve him adding "me too" or "LOL! after one of Sordo's nasty screeds. But it is my belief they are indeed to separate, sorry individuals.

Glad to see my comments rattled your cage Sordo. If you and your buddies really have this proof then please don't continue to tantalise us all. Hurry it up.

If its as good as the velocall = california revelations I feel I should warn our older readers to tighten their trusses lest they develop hernias from laughing at you all.

I really love this bit though "They might let you know what they are later as if they choose."

Oooooh! I'm very scared. No honestly Sordo, I am.

I hope when Sordo wrote this he threw back his head and cackled manically like the evil genius he so wishes he was. But so very, very plainly is not.