Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Update on Comment Warnings

I posted yesterday how I intended in the future, to give Troy and his cowardly contingent a helping hand towards being brave enough to put their own names to their comments by adding the message "PLEASE NOTE - This comment was posted by an active member of the riverSbend smear team" at the end of any comments they post on my site under their variety of psuedonyms.

I've decided to further clarify the matter as follows. When one of Troy's cowardly crew posts here dishonestly using for example the pseudonym "Pam", I'll clarify the matter by altering the name to read "TeamTroy (Pam)".

That will help the honest people who are brave enough to post here under a consistent identity to know when they are being attacked not by a logical, moral person but by a cowardly moral and intellectual midget like Troy, William, Jim or Sordo.

Using the naming convention TeamTroy in the future to apply to all these pathetic lowlives will save me the time of having to identifying particularly which one is doing what. TeamTroy will be used here to cover all these sorry individuals.