Monday, December 01, 2003

The Worst Defence is a Really Pathetic Offence

We really shouldn't laugh but...

... one of Troy's buddies from his soc.retirement, a man called William Boyd (but also going under the nym Freddy Sharp) has uncovered this earthshattering revelation which will shake all Riverbend's fan's faith in her veracity to the core.

After months of painstaking research, harnessing sometimes the combined might of all seven of his braincells Mr Boyd unveiled the results of his research

Well it took a while but they made a mistake, their cover is blown RIVERBEND originates in the US just like I said from the beginning. Their e-mail address is See if any of you Sleuths can figure it out. Try is California Burning. To answer their question "Is Something Burning?" Yes They or she can't cook either.

I think my favourite bit of this is the "well it took a while" thing. As most of us will know Riverbend has been using that email address since her blog's inception so the only thing that "took a while" was that it apparently took Mr Boyd, vigorously attempting to undermine its veracity, over 4 months to notice an email address featured prominently on a page he was hellbent on proving a fake)

Another of Troy's best buddies Jim Stevens was soon on hand to further elucidate on the shocking truth.

United States
VeloCall Inc.
Address: 2006 W. Temple St. Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA
Phone: (213) 305-9721

Yes it appears that Riverbend's email domain belongs to a company with a California address. Thus propose Misters Boyd and Stevens Riverbend herself must be in California, and thus not in Iraq.

If any of my readers CANNOT spot the ludicrous flaw in this reasoning please do society a favour and just shoot yourselves now.

To Mr Stevens and Mr Boyd I ask, is your loyalty to Troy really worth making such fools of yourself over?

Please get in touch at my new email address which I just signed up for this morning. (Hint: I AM NOT IN CALIFORNIA :))

Now what these two keystone cops get up to, is I think interesting because I'd be very surprised if they aren't both in regular contact with Troy and 100% aware of the truth of his site - there is much circumstantial evidence to support that conclusion. However Mr Boyd has also attacked Bending Truth in soc.retirement, saying "the best defence is a strong offence" as he claims to believe the strength of the anti-Troy campaign only goes to indicate that Riverbend herself is fake. (Hence the title of this entry - since Mr Boyd has launched such a pitifully poor attack on Riverbend's veracity above, he only goes to underline her bona fides and undermine his buddy Troy's awful smear site. Nice own goal Mr Boyd!)

Oddly though Mr Boyd also says in this post:

I have my thoughts that [the Riverbend blog] is comming from

So is it California or Al Jazeera Mr Boyd? Please try and keep your nonsense straight so as not to insult the intelligence of those who possess one.