Tuesday, December 16, 2003

PLEASE NOTE - This comment was posted by an active member of the riverSbend smear team

Obviously for a long time, there have been a number of apparently "independent" commenters appearing here to offer rather shallow and illogical arguments in defence of Troy's activities.

Today we have a couple of new ones Pam and dajudge. Unfortunately, due to extreme stupidity these people tend to leave big clues behind that they are not independent at all, and I've decided to stop allowing them to act as cowards as much as they'd like in the future so from now on you may be noting the above warning ([PLEASE NOTE - This comment was posted by an active member of the riverSbend smear team]) after some comments.

That is the only editing of comments you'll see here, I have no interest in altering the basic points people have to make (unlike Troy) and I'm not intending to delete comments (again unlike Troy).

But plenty of sites being assailed by deceitful obstructionists as this one is require a login or at least an active email address before comments are allowed.

I'm not going to go so far but be warned there have been so many false nyms used by Troy's friends here (Yenshui, Gordo, Sordo, David, Pam, dajudge, Bonzi, Ruth can all be linked together using easily accessible information) that any new poster who adopts the standard practice of defending Troy using really dumb or irrelevant arguments may be assumed to be in cahoots with him - especially when they leave obvious footprints like these "individuals". (I was going to here point out exactly how I can link Pam and dajudge to the team, but decided I ought not to give them any clues which may help them to lie and deceive more successfully in the future)

It is open to anyone to contact me by email to complain or to offer evidence of an independent net existance if they feel they have been wrongly judged. If for example "dajudge" had a live email address or I could find any record of him using that name before I might assume he was just ignorant in his defence of Troy as opposed to actively dishonest - that is if he hadn't dropped an obvious clanger linking him to Troy apologists past.

If you like "dajudge" come here and claim to see nothing wrong in using fake nyms the way Troy has done then you are either

a) a liar; or
b) a moron

I may not always take the time to draw a distinction between the two, so if you are just (b) "a moron" and I treat you as (a) "a liar" that is regrettable but I'm not going to be losing any sleep over it.

Neither morons nor liars have been notable for their prevalence on this site except those that take an active part in the riverSbend smear campaign so the balance of probability says that if you are either (a) or (b) you are, and will be designated as, "an active member of the riverSbend smear team".