Friday, December 12, 2003

Troy's Boss Confesses - "We were wrong"

They sure took their time about it. And it wasn't exactly announced with a fanfare, but here in the comments on the riverSbendblog Sordo (Troy's mentor) finally let a little piece of reality into his crazy, paranoid and very, very stupid world:

"I think I change my mind on the origin of the Riverbend blog. Considering the Subversive (sic) activity of the statements contained. Along with the US Decoration of War proposed on Terrorism. Such subversive activity during the time of war carries a much harsher penalty to some one caught within the territories of the United States. Therefore, considering the mature mentality of the blogger I do not think he/she is stupid enough to be posting from within the US. I have been misled by their resemblance to the negativeism that is normally displayed by the Liberals in the US."

Yes it seems that Sordo, Troy's inspirational (!) leader has finally owned up to the fact that Riverbend really *is* an Iraqi blogger, and not a Berkeley student as he previously believed. (He still seems a bit uncertain on her sex though for some reason) A welcome first step, no doubt. Certainly I'm glad Sordo has admitted to being wrong. But he doesn't seem to be issuing any kind of apology for his incompetent attempts to smear Riverbend. This small admission is no more than the equivalent of a rapist wearing a condom - you can appreciate the token gesture, but it doesn't really affect the gravity of the main act.

I encourage Troy, Sordo and the guys to drop all pretences at their sites. Run a "We Hate Riverbend" site sure - but don't just allow the comments you like and delete the ones you don't. And stop pretending to be Iraqi yourselves. It's insulting to genuine Iraqis. Are you guys - Troy, Sordo really such cowards you can't put your names to your opinions and have to hide behind other identities all the time? What about Jim and William, you really think it's noble and clever to lie all the time, to feign ignorance to excuse those two when you know exactly what the truth about the site is? Do you guys really have such little faith in the strength of your own values that you have to support a site that habitually lies and deletes comments that do not offer 100% support?


As for the guts of what Sordo has to say above... well it's a fine indicator of how a person can arrive at a correct conclusion by a laughably ludicrous and illogical path.

1) There was no "Decoration (sic) of War" issued on terrorism. The US has not issued a declaration of war in over 50 years.
2) There is nothing "subversive" about expressing your opinions on life under occupation.
3) Even if Riverbend *was* a Berkeley student there would be no "penalty" for writing the Riverbend blog.
4) This non existant penalty has not changed because of a "Decoration of War"

Seriously it looks like Sordo so yearns for a facist police state that he's managed to convince himself that he lives in one already. What a tragic, pathetic man. It would be a harsh, if arguably just outcome, if Sordo ever did find himself living in the kind of police state he fantasises about for the US, and he found himself one of its victims.