Friday, November 14, 2003

Alert and Call To Action

I mentioned below how Troy had posted in the comments section of new Iraqi blogger Hammorabi.

Well I was more than a little shocked to later see that on this page linked as an "Iraqi Blog" is our odious friend's blog at River's Bend.

In no real sense is riverSbend an "Iraqi blog". It's not even really a blog, as most people would understand the term. And while Troy contains to cybersquat on the domain names riversbendblog... and riverbendblogs... he is hardly deserving of any endorsement as implied here.

He's just a mean old guy picking news stories from military publications and putting them on a blog. He's never tried to offer an apology or even explanation for his despicable past actions, and he is still subjecting this email address and others to denial of service attacks.

My first instinct and hope is that Sam at Hammorabi has been suckered much as Leon Sparx was suckered by an email from Troy and that when he realises the truth about riverSbend he will remove the link. I would certainly hope that would happen.

But in the interim I would encourage any Bending Truth readers and Riverbend fans to mail Sam
and express their hope that he would no longer offer this thoroughly unwarranted publicity to the riverSbend blog which should be let die in well-earned shame and ignominy