Thursday, November 13, 2003

From the Comments...

If it's possible to block by IP address, then I guess that's how he prevented me from posting any more comments directing readers to the real Riverbend site.

Yes. I've actually learned a few things by copying Troy.

The only reason I started this anti-Troy thing as a blog - transferring my investigation of the sources of all Troy's stolen material from a Word document, was in fact to see how easy/difficult it was to fake archives, as he did. Turns out its incredibly easy.

Then once I had the blog with the fake 1999 Seigfried and Roy entry putting all the information I'd gathered beside it online just seemed like a logical step.

Then, when I wanted to find out how Troy was able to remove comments so easily by adding comment functionality here I found out just how easy it is to delete comments (not that I've done this! - yet) and to ban IP addresses. The mystery is, since it was so easy, how come he seemed to be deleting supportive comments every few days.

You just login to your Haloscan account and it has a list of all the featured comments. YOu just tick a box to delete a comment or tick another box to ban the IP address. This also means that every comment has beside it the IP address of the sender.

Thus another big mystery to me is why, after he had blocked me, did he then unblock me, before dumping the whole comment thing altogether. He really is a very puzzling fellow.