Friday, November 21, 2003

From the Comments

A couple of points were raised by "Gordo", who has written to object to some of Riverbend's comments on the US Operation Iron Hammer. BendingTruth takes no editorial position on the contents of Riverbend's blog, that is simply not our ambit. We accept at face value that she is an Iraqi and thus has a right to speak and be heard as an Iraqi. We disavow that right in Troy at riverSbend since he isn't an Iraqi but seems to try to pretend that he is. Beyond that our scope is very limited.

And, while we do appreciate that some people get frustrated that Riverbend's blog does not allow for comments, BendingTruth will not address the substance of any remarks on her posts. We wouldn't venture to suggest whether the likelihood of Riverbend reading the comments here is notably higher than in any other public forum, though it is possible. But Riverbend certainly is likely to read any comments emailed to her.

As to Gordo's other remark - that since our comments appear to be "ranting and raving" this indicates that Troy at riverSbend is "winning" (whatever that means exactly) - we feel the need to indicate the obvious logical fallacy in that argument: we at BendingTruth have been ranting and raving in exactly this manner since before we even heard of Troy, or indeed the internet itself. And we will continue to rant and rave in this manner in the future, entirely independently of all Troy's future successes or failures.