Tuesday, November 18, 2003


From the comments A Constant Reader:
"If any genuine ACLU members are defending Troy, they may be interested to read comments he made on the ACLU in the newsgroup soc.retirement.

Here are a few:

[Snip of Troy's comments insulting the ACLU]

Thanks ACR, and as I think you have at least half suspected I was having a little bit of fun. I don't genuinely think these people clamouring about Troy's freedom of speech are ACLU. I believe they are people like Troy as you've indicated who devote large portions of their time to insulting the ACLU for defending the rights of criminals.

And I was just in my dryly humoured way pointing out how I suspected that they were doing exactly what they claim to despise in others - blaming the victim, excusing the offender.

And while I'm not going to get into the intricacies of every case the ACLU takes on, I suggest that they would at least be able to put up a better case for the rights of anyone they defend than could be put up in defence of Troy's freedom of speech. If anyone would like to try and mount an argument explaining why Troy's freedom of speech was offended by my bringing Troy's offences to the attention of Hammorabi's Sam then I would be willing to hear it - I couldn't find any fish to use for target practice in my barrel this morning.

If like "Ruth", on the other hand, you're just going to throw in an unsubstantiated remark in my comments section about me "squashing the voice of others". Then I'm somewhat less willing to hear it.

Ruth's claim that I am a "child at play" is of course something I could hardly deny, after the whole Rick Etard thing (while I absolutely assert the fundamental seriousness of the BendingTruth campaign in defending Riverbend's free speech against deceitful attacks I see no reason for not occasionally lapsing into juvenility when doing so). On the other hand, Ruth's case might be slightly undermined by the fact that just before she accused me of being a "child at play", she had posted to my blog anonymously (or so she apparently thought) the single word comment "ASSHOLE". :) Those IP addresses, Ruth, can be a bitch...

Anyone who would condemn the ACLU while defending Troy on a laughable "freedom of speech" basis is, I believe an enormous hypocrite, as I suggest in detail in the entry "Let's Play a Game", because there is no way in hell they'd be defending someone on the left who attacked a right-leaning site the way Troy has attacked Riverbend.

N.B. I know my jokes are often not recognised as such. The same thing happened last week when I blasted Troy for "Insulting the flag". I don't personally tend to get offended or complain when someone is disrespectful to the Stars and Stripes or not sufficiently patriotic... but Troy does. And that's why I was subtly pointing out what a monstrous hypocrite he is as well