Wednesday, November 12, 2003

No Comment. But An Invitation to Correspond

As of yesterday evening it appears that Troy is no longer accepting comments on the riverbendblogS

It seems odd that he did this now, since compared to my comment writing of before yesterday's notes were comparatively innocuous.

For anyone who missed it for a couple of days there had been only one comment on the blog:

A wonderful blog keep up the good work - anonymous

Yesterday I indulged my bent for puerile amusement by posing as this anonymous. (The BendingTruth Law and Ethics committee felt that the charge of identity theft could not apply on behalf of someone calling themselves "anonymous")

As anonymous I would post things like:

"I would like to apologise for, and withdraw my last post. It was sent due to a slight overdose of crazy pills"


"Boy was I drunk when I wrote that one!"

So now there is no comments section. I'm a bit ambivalent about that. Obviously I would usually be cheered when any action taken by the BendingTruth campaign precipitated a change on either of Troy's sites, on the other hand it did provide an interesting route into Troy's world, which has now gone.

[Again though I must admit Troy has bewildered me. He shut out my home IP address from commenting last week. Then he did it again when I used my friend's PC over the weekend. Then this week apparently the restrictions were lifted and I was able to post freely again (albeit with the usual prompt deletions). But why?! Frequently Troy does things which seem to defy all rational explanation. In a lot of ways he's a very disappointing adversary, but I will grant that he does retain the capacity to confuse me on a regular basis]

However I do note that Troy has added an email link to his site. (Mail Troy)

At the time of writing I had yet to send anything to this address so it's quite possible it's not valid. But I will be writing later today and suggest anyone else who wants pass on messages, whether along the lines of "Wonderful blog. Keep up the good work" or not, should try availing of this opportunity.