Monday, November 03, 2003

You are getting tired. Very, very tired.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to raise up much concern over Diego's current activities. True he's still abridging various copyrights and he's still - as I put it earlier - thumbing his nose at the campaign by continuing to make additions to his ever duller site. But it's not exactly much to get worked up about. He just looks silly.

He's now included a photo of this woman "WENDY McELROY... Research Fellow at The Independent Institute, columnist for FOX, and editor of the Instiute’s web site," beneath the flag which a couple of readers have pointed out is taken from the CPA itself.

Today he's included this transcript which he probably got from here:

"I'm Deborah Pryce, 15th District of Ohio -- that's Columbus, Ohio. I'm the Conference chairman for the House Republicans, and it was my honor to lead this delegation, a historic delegation of all- women members, bipartisan delegation, to take a look at what was going on in Iraq."

The whole site is truly soporific. But that could be our man's intent: once he's bored everyone to death he's going to put phase IV of his dastardly plan into action.

The world hold's its breath but as of now, I think I can risk offering a hostage to fortune by pronouncing the threat from Diego thoroughly contained.