Monday, November 03, 2003

Your Hotline to Diego Gastor

As I've mentioned earlier quite a few people have written asking me for an email address for the riverSbend smearblogger. And for various reasons I've had to demur, but how about this for an alternative.

It does seem that as of today Diego may have opened a little window into his world at the following location.

As can be seen as of today the third suspected riverSbend fake site has added functionality to comment on its contents. I should say the evidence linking this site to Diego is purely circumstantial, but thoroughtly compelling: it looks (a) a bit like Riverbend's blog and (b) really, really shit. Which is of course our man's standard mode of operation to a T.

So I think on the balance of probabilities that any comments pasted here will reach Diego's eyes. So anyone who feels congratulations on his evil genius are merited is invited to say so at the location

However could I suggest that since we can't be 100% sure this is Diego's site perhaps instead of writing things like, "I think you are a m*****ing c******er. I hope you *** **** ***", it might be advisable to replace the word "you" in both cases with the word ""Diego", if you see what I mean.