Friday, November 14, 2003

Couple More Anti-riverSbend Testimonials

A Brooklyn Bridge
Riverbend's gift for gentle understatement is one of the things I like about her: when she truly howls she has compelling reasons (unlike me, who may howl because I'm simply pissed off). In her situation, I would have tried to deprive "dear Troy" of some very personal body parts.
Michael Totten.Com
There is also a riversbend, which is kind of a dirty trick, I think, very different, not really Iraqi:

the real Riverbend blog, done by a woman in Iraq, is being plagiarized, faked, and twisted by an obviously odious person at

Political Puzzle
with all the popularity of Iraqi blogs it really comes as no surprise to me that some are faked but this is really sad and pathetic, you had an Iraqi blog ran by a woman called "Riverbend" which pretty much was in opposition to the Iraqi conflict when one day another Iraqi Blogger shows up with the site "riversbend"