Thursday, November 13, 2003

Anti-riverSbend Testimonials

I have collected from the web a number of negative commentaries about the riverSbend smear campaign. I found it useful to post some of this on Usenet when Troy began again promoting his smearblogs. If anyone comes across any other similar testimonials feel free to send them in and I will add them to the list.

John Gorenfeld exposes perpetrator of fake site:
A lot of people over at Atrios's blog -- including me -- have been wondering what's up with a blog called Riversbend that supposedly posts from Iraq. There was already a very similar site called Riverbend, run by a woman in Iraq, but it didn't have the 'S' in the middle, and it tended to attack Halliburton bidding practices rather than copy optimistic passages from Thomas Friedman.

Stray Bulletins
The original site is , and the new one is, just one letter's difference. The second site is nearly identical in layout, font, etc., obviously trying to trick people into thinking that these are the words and feelings of river herself. Pretty scummy, if you ask me.

Twilight Cafe
There is currently a conflict between, an Iraqi woman, and, a 70 year old Republican activist who is copying Riverbend's blog and changing the message. The theory is that the Riversbend blogger hopes to mislead people seeking Riverbend to come to his site instead, because he so thoroughly disagrees with what the Iraqi woman is saying. On a quick glance you might not realize you were on the wrong site.

Poison Kitchen
there is a controversy brewing over the appearance of the evil dimension version of, both sharing the title "Baghdad Burning". Apparently this forgery is the work of a fellow that goes by the handle "solerito" who also created a previous fake Baghdad website "Baghdad Blogging"'s not parody or satire, it's identity theft plain and simple.

Zeyad at HealingIraq
I think its deplorable that the author of assumed Riverbend's identity, used graphics that are not his own, tried to give the impression that he is an Iraqi, and obviously to cast doubt on Riverbend's writing.

Citizen Smash
...someone is spoofing the popular Iraqi blogger Riverbend.

Web Frog
Fake Baghdad Burning. Compare and contrast: Riverbend (the real Baghdad Burning) and riverSbend (pro-US fake version)

Rush Limbaughtomy
It has now been revealed that an identity theif has stolen the name of, and is sharing the title "Baghdad Burning". In an attempt to defeat the impact of the celebrated IRAQI blogger.

Promestheus 6
There's Baghdad Burning by Riverbend. The real thing. Then there's this. Url is instead of Template, graphics everything stolen from the original.

In a bizarre, yet telling, twist to the Baghdad Burning blog story, a spoof of the popular blog sprung up on September 11 of this year. The real Baghdad Burning blog's URL is The spoof version is at It is (or was) a collection of pro-war ramblings interspersed with copy and paste work from the White House website and other official sources.

This Century Sucks
[riverSbend] pretends to be the exact same person as the above blog, but now the person realizes all the wonderful and good things the US is doing. The url is If your ideas are better then have an open airing of your ideas. If you have to lie, cheat, imply, exaggerated than perhaps your ideas are not better.

Psychotic Duo
If riversbend truly is someone who is not really in Iraq that would have to be the most pathetic blogger the internet has to offer. What would make someone pretend to be from somewhere that they are not and completely copy a site belonging to someone else. Including all of the links and even the freebie hit counter at the bottom of the page? Attention? Jealousy?

Matt Lavine
Given the unbelievably slimy nature of his support for the war--it's all well and good to be pro-liberation and pro-free-Iraq, but not at the expense of the newfound free speech of an actual Iraqi person--plus the inherent creepiness of all old guys who pretend to be young women on the Internet...

Big Old Geek
Apparently , (the Baghdad Burning blog mentioned above) annoyed some right winger so much that he created three fakes of the blog -,, and to deceive the public.

That toad who tried to hijack Riverbend's blog with one called "Riversbend" turns out to be a longtime internet shit-stirrer named "Troy", some sort of obnoxious dittohead active with the NRA. Now, I have no particular use for Riverbend, myself - I think she's a sniveling lightweight - but impersonating someone online is a vile and stupid act, and should be roundly denounced.