Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Another Retreat

A quick glance at the fake riverSbend's blog this morning reveals that the photograph of Ms McElroy has been removed. Interestingly a check at the link "Diego" was using confirms that it is still live. In other words on this occasion "Diego" was not discouraged from using the picture by a broken link as has been the case with the ArtForAChange, youthNoise and Leon Sparx graphics. He has changed the site of his own volition.

Hard to say exactly why this is. I did supply Ms McElroy with the possibly live email address I have for "Diego" so it may have been a word from her. On the other hand I have been using the portal provided at to post messages in the form of comments to Diego. He always deletes them pretty quickly but I feel sure the number of messages featuring the words "Fox News lawyers" may have had some kind of chilling effect on Diego's enthusiasm for this particular fight.

I should say about those comments that while I assumed Diego was deleting only those directed against him and exposing his smear-career lately the couple of not-attacking comments that were there yesterday seem to have disappeared. I'm not sure what this means. Is "Diego" deleting all comments. If so why not remove the comment functionality?

Maybe he likes to get the messages I can send him there. Personally I find it useful but a little creepy pasting those little notes, watching them disappear, unsure if anyone's ever read them. It's a little like slipping messages under the door of the barricaded room in the creepy old house. Something tells you the "not quite right" old uncle kept locked up in there for public safety is getting and reading them. But somehow you're never quite sure.