Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Dark Clouds Overhead for Diego

I think every blogger probably harbours some traces of egomania, and I'm afraid I can't claim to be an exception. It seems I may have fallen victim to this complaint in recent days. I say this because I really believed that no one, or at least no sizeable contingent, could have existed who might visit the riverSbend smearblog and yet not know about this one at Bending Truth. But it seems I was wrong.

Well I can live with being wrong, so my mistake is not such bad news for me. But it seems my mistake was not such good news for Wendy McElroy and it certainly looks like being very bad news for "Diego"?

Why? Because even though Ms McElroy's picture has indeed been yanked from the smearblogger's site* nonetheless she has been contacted by a sufficient number of confused readers and perhaps more worryingliy professional contacts asking about her association with the site, to feel there is a genuine risk her professional reputation, and by obvious extension her career, may have been adversely affected by having her picture included on the smearblog. As Ms McElroy eloquently puts it herself:

"Writers live or die professionally based on their reputations, and I consider the posting of my photo under the flag to be an attack on the reputation by which I make a living"

Now honestly if I was Diego, I'd be starting to get very worried. Ms McElroy has asked if I can supply a postal address whereby she can contact Blogger to lodge an official complaint. "Diego" should probably be hoping that it ends there and that having his blogs deleted is the worst thing that happens to him.

At the moment I should say I do not have a postal address for blogger and I'm waiting for a response to my request via their online contact facility. So I wanted to know if anyone reading might have their address. I'd very much appreciate if someone could email me to it.

*It appears I spoke in error earlier - Ms McElroy tells me this did indeed result from her asking the friendly website to change the link