Friday, November 07, 2003

Comrade Diego Bunkers In

Finally. My God. Finally. I can't believe it took him this long but at long last Comrade Diego has figured out that if he keeps linking to sites to steal their graphics, it is very, very easy for me to let the site owner know, and for them thus to alter their site to kill his link.

Finally, Comrade Diego has the had idea, which would have occured to the slowest monkey in his class long before now, of taking graphics and putting them in his own location, and linking to there. And thus there really isn't much anyone can do about it. So now Diego no longer gets his flag directly from his adversaries at Centcom or from his newfound best buddies in France he gets it from here.

He's also no longer using Mr Morizumi's photo either. He's replaced it with this "River Bend" graphic.

In fact a look at the riverSbendblog today shows he has even altered the template so it really doesn't look very much like Riverbend's blog any more. Is that enough to longer deserve our scrutiny?

I don't know. I welcome any feedback. But it seems to me Comrade Diego has no reason to keep using that riverSbendblog domain apart from his intent to confuse the innocent. If a stranger out of nowhere were to come up with this, we might have to consider that it isn't really very much like Riverbend's blog, so maybe we don't have much cause for complaint. Maybe they chose to write an Iraq-concerned blog called River's Bend out of sheer chance.

But of course we know this didn't happen, We know that Comrade Diego is ducking and diving like a greasy weasel trying to push to the very limit what he can get away with. We also know his site is still chock full of stolen material and that he is a persistent thief. Again I invite Comrade Diego to email me to discuss when he intends to drop his Centcom-condemned site. I suggest he host an apology there to Riverbend and to Wendy McElroy and maybe to everyone else he's stolen from. And then I suggest he just leave behind his cyber-squatting days by trying to ride on the good name of Riverbend. Crawl back to your Usenet home Comrade Diego and leave blogging to the honest and forthright.