Monday, November 10, 2003

Troy Pretends to be an Arab

Here someone using the nym Atta ( is promoting the riverbendblogS on Usenet as follows:

A Gift from American President Bush to Iraq

The U.S. Senate gave final congressional approval Monday to an $87.5 billion measure for Iraq and Afghanistan,
a package largely mirroring President Bush's request of eight weeks ago.

Troy - Stranger to Irony
On the 29th September Troy posted to soc.retirement a post entitled, "Mosul citizens’ one click closer to freedom."

This post was a news item announcing the launch of an internet cafe in Mosul and it contained the following lines:

"We all know that knowledge is power," [Maj. Gen. David H] Petreaus said. "This Internet café and the others that will soon open
will empower the cities citizens. "

[Brian's comment: Riverbend is one of Mosul's citizens.]

Petreaus finished his address to the guests by saying, "Our soldiers are proud to have given the greatest gift
of all to the Iraqi people. That is their freedom. That freedom includes access to the information super

Troy posted this on Sept 29th. Since around Sept 11th Troy has been actively trying to subvert the new found freedom of an Iraqi citizen to access the information super highway by running a deceitful smearblog.

What a stinking hypocrite, ladies and gentlemen, I think we can all agree.