Friday, November 07, 2003

Diego Sells Out On New Country. Turns Commie

Another U-turn by our man! It looks like he may have got served up some stale croissants this morning, because Diego has cut his ties to France, and taken his allegiance on walkabout again. Talk about a fair-weather friend!

As of this morning "Diego" is once again linking from both riverSbendblog and riverbendblogS to the cpa site by using their flag. This even though he was specifically asked not to do this by the CPA webmaster. The mind boggles. Is he being brave, is he being stupid, or is he actually disobeying orders from the US military? I reckon that he if had acted like this back in Korea Diego would have found himself doing latrine duty for a month - if he was lucky. Maybe he'd have been shipped off to the brig for gross insubordination.

Has the man no scruples whatsoever?! Stealing now from Uncle Sam, having been specifically asked to cease and desist! Why don't you just hang a hammer and sickle on your website "Comrade Diego" - just be honest about where your sympathies lie![1]

[1] More satire - honestly!