Monday, November 17, 2003


I've been away from my PC all weekend but I note Sam's blog at Hammorabi no longer links to the riverSbend smear blog. I haven't heard back from Sam himself, but can only speculate that I was correct to assume he did not realise the riverSbend history when he posted the link, and like all reasonable and decent people when he found out he was appalled and took steps to distance himself from it.

[As a sidenote it appears the campaign may have attracted some of those ACLU nutcases that Bill O'Reilly is always banging on about. I thought these kind of people existed only in his head, but it appears not. There are genuinely some obviously fringe leftists, in my comments section, and Sam's, who are crying out in support of the criminal Troy, at the expense of the victim Riverbend. These people seem to think it's an attack on Troy's civil liberties not to let him steal people's identities and deceitfully smear his political opponents. Well sorry folks, this kind of thinking may hold sway after you've fomented your Communist revolution, but for the moment this is the free world and your loony-left wing theories remain, thankfully, only that!]